Leadership Lesson From The Leader ….

Apa yang merek pikirkan .. apa yang mereka inginkan dan visi mereka .. para pemimpin yang membuat TPS menjadi way of live… dalam industri otomotif :

The priority should be in the order of the customer,then the dealer,and lastly the manufacturer
Shotaro Kamiya ,President Toyota Motor Sales Company

Observe ! without pre-conceptions and with blank mind . repeat “Why” 5 times to every matter“.
Taiichi Ohno…The Man…

“Turning adversity inti advantage , Avoid direct competition when weak, collaborating with competitors,laepfrogging competition ( lexus & hybrid ), winning without competition”
Sun Tze’s art of war ( the philosophy )

“bold Ideas & careful action”
Kiichiro Toyoda

Slow start fast implementation
1.leadership commitment to long term audacious goal
2.Make decision slowly by consensus
3.Th roughly considering all options
4.Implement decision rapidly

Respect your extended network of partners.
1. Find solid partners and grow together to mutual benefit in the long term
2.Partnering with suppliers and maintaining internal capabilty
3.Partners selected on basis of past relationship and proven performance … not price!
4.Sharing of sensitive information

Developing people & team that follow company’s phylosophy
1.Careful hiring
2.Rump Up gradually and systematically
3.In calculate philoshopy , values & culture (TPS) before empowerment.

Kaizen Mindset
1.Deliver customer value
2.Reduce waste (MUDA)
3.Aim for perfection
4.Presumption in imperfection
5.Do what we can do , do with what we have , and do it right now.
6.Kaikaku … Radical improvement
7.Kaizen … continuous incremental improvement…

“please talk to us about your problems so we can all work on them together “
Fujio Cho…

“People don’t go to Toyota to “WORK”, they go there to “THINK”.
Taiichi Ohno

“Toyota’s factory only looks like a car factory,it’s really big brain,a kind of laboratory focused on one single mission : how to produce car better
the “FC”

Quite work at Toyota : Every single departement, every single day by workers themselves (Jishuken) …nothing special .. ( gurus..consultant .. special groups… ) ..nothing special make the special …

“Standards are there to be change “
Yohio shima Director , Toyoda machine works

1.Standards are created by individuals performing the role
2.Standards are dynamic, and not everything get standardized
3.A Standard is similarly an established best known method or practice followed until better ways is discover, tested and accepted.

“In the pool, I will think about doing strokes. every time I doing stroke , I think about where my hand is.”
Jim Press , President . Nort American sale Toyota.

“When I am mowing the grass , I am trying different turns to see if i can do it faster”
-Howard artriz..


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  1. sampe motong rumput saja harus efisiensi waktu ? luar biasa. info bagus nih.

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